Afraid to Fail?

“An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.”

Edwin Land


CC Day

“At two hours after midnight appeared the land….”

Christopher Columbus, October 12, 1492

Captain‘s Log entry

Today, Columbus Day, 2017, Howdy begins his last study of American History before graduation.  He has chosen a textbook as a spine.  With activities and tests, United States History for Christian Schools, will be an additional glimpse into classroom life.  He’s already found chemistry with a text to be a challenge, but he has learned to manage his time fairly well and can now add this extra textbook study into his daily routine.

Interestingly enough, the book opens with the above quote by Christopher Columbus, so it’s a nice way to commemorate the day.

A Recipe for Next Year

Sigh!  I missed out on ordering boxes of apples to put up for this year.  That Harvey derailed my usual planning and preparing.  So, I didn’t have my own apples on hand for recipes.  Although…we did slice some store bought aged apples to dip in honey.

Today, I bought all sorts of apples at the store.  Not my favorite place to purchase them, but I’m missing my usual habit and regret the fact that I didn’t make apple honey challah last week.  Sniff.  I’ve got to remember to read my own past posts from time to time.

Posie is baking an apple dump cake this afternoon and I decided to snoop around to find a recipe to save for next year.  Thank you, Dena!  I love your blog and this recipe looks like it will be posted in my “notes for next year” section of my calendar.