A Bit of Info.

“Hello, my name is Child of the One True King!”  This is how I capture all those notes to self.  I’m a Christian!  I love my husband and children! I’m a SAHW&M, Home Educator, Reader, Writer, Knitter, and Mathematician.  Well, not yet a Mathematician.  I milk my own Jersey cow, love to cook, and hope to own a kayak of my own some day!  If you’re reading this, you really should go outside and soak in some sunshine.  Jesus loves you!

Oh!  P.S.  I don’t have any affiliate links on my blog.  I share links to my favorite resources and websites without any compensation from the sellers/owners.  If you happen to order something from someone based on a post I’ve shared on my blog, they’ll get 100% of the price you pay.  I just hope you’re as satisfied with your order as I’ve been with the books & things we’ve enjoyed using while homeschooling and, well, living life.

Make me brave!






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