A Few of My Favorite Things

Jesus, The Word!

The Biology Man

Scooter, Bubba, Sis, Howdy, and Posie

Grumps & Honey, RyKat & the Crew

Bella, Lady, and The Muppet, Ziva

The Fam

Our sweet StP family

Madeleine and her rich, creamy milk  (We will miss you, sweet Madeleine!  4/1/2016)


Mystic Spires Salvia, lavender, chamomile, coral honey suckle, and pink, climbing roses

the smell of Old Spice on hubby’s snuggly sweatshirt

watercolor, especially Impressionism

tomato-basil soup

homemade chicken broth

the memory of our wedding cake, a raspberry Chambord dream


books, books, books


The Chestry Oak, by Kate Seredy

clean sheets, just off the clothesline

mud pies made in the garden

the sound of the wind chimes outside in our yard


pressing flowers

homemade soap

The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint Exupery

piano practice, good, or bad

cloth napkins

Mirielle’s “Magic Beauty Cream” recipe

camping in the backyard during Sukkot

Vermont’s Original Bag Balm “Since 1899”

making turkey & dressing for my family

sleeping late on Saturdays


flowers, real ones!

Cottonwood trees

canning apples, tomatoes, hot sauce, and jelly

making biscuits from scratch

Martha Stewart’s Apple Honey Challah recipe

books by Jean Henri Fabre and Chaim Potok

Harry Nillson’s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

the sunrise with the smell of bacon and eggs in the background

Cobra Football!

cello music

sunset and the smell of that homemade soap during a long hot bath

buttons, yarn, scraps of quilt fabric

bagels and cream cheese with fresh strawberries

honey bees and honey

chamomile tea

china cups & saucers

the sugar spoon and butter knife that Marie gave us on our wedding day

the china Pixie gave me from her grandmother

hot chocolate with cinnamon and homemade marshmallows

a family shrimp boil

clean windows

puppies, the day before they go to their new homes

stalking a deer, who wants to sit in a deer blind?

homemade root beer from KN

clothes on the clothesline

Dooley’s in FBG

warm toes

the Texas State Aquarium



twinkle lights


reading the Bible in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep

Pasta Bella in FBG

Indianola, the song, too

the breeze on our hilltop

Beatrix Potter’s drawings

anything made with cranberries

cotton socks

knitting in peace

alpaca yarn

the sound of rain on the roof

when the light bulb comes on during a math lesson

reading parties

picture study

“Riding on the ‘City of New Orleans,'” by Willie Nelson

anything Marty Goetz sings

the San Antonio Zoo

jellyfish, really, they’re beautiful!

George Strait’s “The Chair” (our song)


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