Wrapping Up Soon

History study with Diana Waring’s Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries is coming close to the end for Howdy.  It’s been an interesting study that I appreciate.  Having the audio cds to use as an introduction get him prepared for each unit.  He gets introduced to the key people and events before taking on the reading that tends to be a challenge for him.

Posie listens in during cd time and enjoys the activities in the Elementary Activity books for each History Revealed study.  That makes light work of some heavy material at times.  Because she has been moving over to a completely Charlotte Mason styled study course, I’m not sure that I’ll have her use HR later in highschool.  But, she’s been a willing tag along these last three years with Mrs. Waring.

Since Howdy has completed Waring’s other two studies, I’m going to pull some things together for his American History adventure next year.  Posie may actually use some of Waring’s American History resources.  They tend to lean toward musically inclined learners which is right up her alley.

All in all, we’ve been pleased with History Revealed.  It fit the bill when we needed more auditory resources for Howdy and our family has enjoyed the variety of topics covered with online research during each unit.  This is a very well designed curriculum and one I’m certain to recommend to others.  It served our family well and I’m thankful God led us to it when we needed encouragement to pursue studies based on giftedness and learning styles.  Even though these studies are wrapping up soon, we will continue to discuss the events, places, and people that were unearthed as history was revealed.


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