Do We Expect to Live in Constant Stress?

“The map that is true for all of life gives it direction and also provides an individual with a sort of “inner skeleton.”  People can know who they are as persons and what life is about.  Without any map at all, let alone this reliable map, individual lives have about as much shape as a blob of jelly.  The society these people form cannot know its own mind.  On top of this, more and more routine life-giving daily patterns have been demolished.  It is as if an enemy is out to utterly destroy our life in every way.  One of the ways a torturer destroys a person is to deprive him of adequate sleep, leisure, solitude, or friendship, and of course food.  This fact has been well understood in all cultures.  Sadly it is fairly normal now for people to fail even to begin to provide themselves or their children with these basics.  People expect to live in constant stress.”

-Susan Schaeffer Macaulay, For the Family’s Sake:  The Value of Home in Everyone’s Life


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