Worth Printing Out and Reading Thoughtfully


Because Posie began Ambleside Online at a lower level due to some challenges, this was extremely encouraging.

Brandy Vencel calmed my heart with this single paragraph.

Yes, a child who has gone through even half of the curriculum will know a lot and have amazing powers of thought. This is why we say that completing Year 8 is akin to completing high school as far as academics go. But this is not the point. It is merely a side benefit. The point is the cultivation of the soul, the ordering of the appetites. To put it plainly, it is not what they know, but who they become.

Anyone considering AO for a child who will need/want to begin with a year earlier than the traditional grade their age would suggest will be blessed by Brandy’s post.  Print it out and highlight!  Take notes and remind yourself and your child of all they are becoming by challenging themselves.


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