On Using Montessori Methods to Teach Liturgy and Doctrine

While reading Sofia Cavalletti’s Teaching Doctrine and Liturgy, I ran across this profound paragraph.  Saving it here will give me a chance to mull it over.  Though others don’t see a way to combine Montessori and Mason methods, I tend to see a relationship that suggests the possibility of a balancing sort of friendship.  We’ve seen this at home over the years.  Why not within the Sunday School setting?  Hence, my second (or, is it third?) review of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd resources.  This study is part of an inner challenge to “map out” a combination of the two methods in order to create a beautifully calming form of instruction.

Let the little children bring their parents to Jesus!

“The success of this program was not limited to the children alone, who were delighted by the unfolding marvels of the liturgy and by the words of the Gospel, thus revealing the potential treasures hidden in their hearts; it impressed also the parents.  These, faced  with the expression of the ingenuous but serious and profound faith of their children, became disturbed at their own tepidity and sometimes at their ignorance in matters of faith.  They asked for help, anxious to cooperate in the full religious education of their children.”


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