Completed Co-op

Thursday marked the last day of co-op for the 2015-16 school year. My!  How time flies when you’re having fun!  We celebrated with one final hour of studying together followed by the Little Sisters cooking final…read yummy party!

The Highschool Biologists planned a Nerf war, and “kindly” included their Little Sisters. How the kids were able to carry out these tactics on full stomachs, I’ll never comprehend.

This year, co-op Highschool lab science students studied Apologia’s  Exploring Creation with BiologySeveral labs, including dissections proved exciting to all. Doing these together provided memories that will last for years to come.

The Little Sisters covered so much ground in just a year’s time. They’ve all learned to crochet, added multiple recipes to their repertoires, developed simple perspective drawing skills, and studied/memorized 19 poems!  Getting to know six artists and six composers from the Modern time period was icing on the cake!

While we’re thankful for coming to the end of this time together, we look forward to planning the next year’s worth of cooperative pursuits soon.





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