Framed Studies

I am converting picture frames into weekly studies art.  Painting the frames will be fun.  Adding studies to them will be a weekly/monthly/term activity for me during my planning time.  I will likely make a couple of shelves for memory work cards, too.  All of these will hang on the wall near where we study together.

Studies to possibly include:




Commonplace (These will continue to be attached to the chicken wire frame that currently hangs on the wall.)



Hymns & Folksongs

Memory Verse

Memory Work Cards

Timeline Cards

We’re hoping to improve on studied dictation exercises over the next several months.  I don’t know that the weekly samples for study will be kept in frames, or not.  Once we get these other studies on the wall, I’ll determine if this idea will work well for storing the samples, or not.

I think these framed studies will make for inspirational decor.



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