Loved Jen’s Answer!

To the question, “How do you stay focussed?  Especially on the day to day plan,” Jen gave the following answer in her recent blog post…Honest, brave, and such an encouragement for those battling the temptation to fall into distraction during the daily grind.  The entire post is, AGAIN!, terrific advice for moms in the planning process.  Whether new to homeschooling, or for a veteran in the midst of burnout, her suggestions aren’t fluff.  They are filled with fruitful wisdom.

We plan for the people in our home because time is a gift from God – we’re not entitled to time – more time, uninterrupted time, easier time, time to ourselves. Time is not an entitlement; it is a gift. This makes our planning –> stewardship <– more than anything else and considering it that way means it is rightly ordered. Planning becomes a way of serving God and my family. When my attitude about time is rightly ordered it’s much easier to recognize God’s redirections and adjust. There is peace there because THAT is where God wants me to be…even if that is way off the planner.

Spring planning for the garden, menus, and studies is on the list for this weekend!  It’s exciting to get various plans into action that have been waiting as mental thoughts for some time.  Off to make lists…


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