25 years ago today, these songs were played on a grand organ, in a gorgeously decorated church.  We made it to SILVER!

While not everyone appreciated the pieces we chose, we chose them together and a dear friend played them beautifully.  (I mean, really!  Who wants to hear “Big, Fat, and Wide” played on their wedding day?!?)  These sweet songs still fill my heart with joy!

Hansel and Gretel (Evening Prayer), by Engelbert Humperdinck

Air (from Water Music Suite), by G.F. Handel (Bridesmaids Entry)

Trumpet Tune, by Henry Purcell (Bride’s Entry, that was me!)

Ode to Joy, by Ludwig Van Beethoven (Recessional….I picked this video because if I’d been there when it was made, I’d have been  filled with joy!)

Going to spend the evening together looking at pictures from our wedding.  Sweet!




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