Our JD Shakespearean Survey Continues

I originally posted about Howdy’s Shakespearean study schedule back in April.  He followed through on Taming of the Shrew rather reluctantly back in July.  Opinion? Blech!  However, we watched a documentary on Shakespeare’s life that was very well done.  Howdy would really like that to be enough Shakespeare.  But, looking at the schedule makes me think that he’ll enjoy December’s play.

I’ve pulled out Leithart’s book and we will read “Alas, Thou has Misconstru’d Everything:  Julius Caesar” together to prepare for the play.  Other resources I think we’ll find helpful are saved here as links for future reference.


Shakespeare in Bits and Pieces  Julius Caesar Act 1

SBP  JC Act 2

SBP  JC Act 3 Pt. 1

SBP  JC Act 3 Pt. 2

SBP  JC Act 4

SBP  JC Act 5

The History Channel’s “Ancients Behaving Badly:  Julius Caesar”  (PARENTAL GUIDANCE REQUIRED!)

Video SparkNotes:  Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Summary

Several versions of Julius Caesar are available on DVD.  I will research these carefully and choose one for us to view after studying the play.



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