Motivated to Make Macarons

Always a fan of Parisienne Farmgirl, I’ve been wanting to buy her Macaron Tutorial almost all year.  Once I found out about her sweet tutorial, I put it on my list of “hope to buy this year” items, but ended up putting it off until this week.  After a minor glitch in downloading, I could hardly contain myself, waiting to find a few quiet moments to sit a absorb the information.

Co-op found me distracted as I introduced the young ladies to Seurat and Ravel, demonstrated a bit more during perspective drawing, and challenged them to begin memorizing Robert Louis Stevenson’s “My Shadow”.  I rushed home to cook buttered carrots, mashed potatoes, and sticky cheese dip for our evening TMHSG Thanksgiving Party.  I’d already prepared the Apricot Chicken Salad before co-op, so I only had Nonny’s Pink Stuff to whip together before dashing out the door to a lovely evening with friends.

Funny story.  No, really.  It’s true.  The clock in the church kitchen was never changed to reflect a return to REAL TIME.  So, I rushed around cleaning and almost shoving the others out the door, thinking we were almost 30 minutes past our end time.  Just so late for little ones.  Feeling tired, it never occurred to me that the clock told an hour later when I read 9:18 p.m.  Hurry, hurry, hurry.  Get home, get the kids to bed, tuck DH into sound snores, and WATCH THE TUTORIAL!  One of the longest days of my life, HA!  Who knew that a Marcaron Tutorial would motivate me to move through the day at such a brisk pace toward some quiet mom time.

REVIEW:  Simply wonderful!  Angela is, as expected, down to earth and carefully shares important preparation tips and helpful technique for making the most beautiful macarons you’ve ever seen.  Her warmth and charm ooze all over the screen and her dreamy kitchen gives me even more inspiration as we continue to plan our remodel.  I don’t remember when I’ve watched a more thorough tutorial/cooking demonstration.  As far as I know, and I’m not a macaron expert, Angela left out no detail.  The vivid colors and up close visual instructions conjured up aromas and tastes that would motivate anyone to determine they must make macarons!  My absolute favorite moment?  Angela’s sweet smiling angels eating les macarons, one sharing, “Delicious, ‘de-scrumptious!'”  SWEET BABES!

I couldn’t wait to wake up this morning with plans to share the video with Posie.  We hurriedly cleaned her room and sat mesmerized in front of the tutorial.  Both of us sighed, saying “Oh, ah,” over and over.  Posie squealed that we have to MAKE.  THEM.  NOW!

Alas, we have some equipment (piping bag and tip) to purchase and will need a few ingredients before we set out to make our own lovelies.  It’s just as well.  Rain is to come this evening and I’m afraid it may already be too humid.  We will make them early in the week, just in time for Thanksgiving.  We’re already conspiring to create a pumpkin flavor, but the raspberry, sea salt caramel, and lavender flavors shared in the tutorial will certainly be enjoyed soon!

Au revoir!  We’re off to find our Bonne Maman and a bit of caramel….


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