Farmer’s Market

We are building our very own “farmer’s market” in the backyard!  Well, translation required.  A barn for our Jersey, Madeleine, and the chickens is in the works and we’re calling it The Farmer’s Market.  Cute, eh?

Our inspiration was found via Pinterest, of course.  We’ve been drawing, planning, scratching, and redrawing for months while saving up for this project.  Now that we are ready to build, just in time, I decided to search for chicken coops one last time on Pinterest and found the combo that will work for the Dairy and Poultry Departments.  Giddy!

I’m thankful that we took so long to finalize our plans.  I say that as if God hasn’t been the One orchestrating the whole thing.  I know that He has…because the timing is perfect.  Being Perfection Himself, I’m thanking Him for helping me to be patient while we waited to be able to build exactly what we didn’t even realize we wanted.

God is GREAT!


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