Fall Recipes to Try

Trying this Pork Hock Cabbage Stew today!  Had a hock in the fridge for beans, but since I had a head of cabbage, too….  All the rest of the ingredients stored in the fridge/pantry means dinner’s already in the crock and I’m free later in the day!  WOOHOO!  I’ll share what adding an extra cup of broth does to the recipe….I’m thinking it will be soup instead of stew, but YUM!

ETA:  Yup.  It was good.  Will leave out extra cup of broth if we want a stew next time.

I’m on a Live Simply Blog kick this week, so I’m going to try Kristen’s Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup next week.

The 50 most saved recipes on the FoodNetwork website are found here.  That’s plenty of newbies to try this fall.  I’m going to sit down over the weekend and choose 3-4.  If they have fancy schmancy ingredients, they WON’T make the cut.  Simple will work.  If the folks at FN can’t give me that, then I’ll post that the most saved are the least simpleton friendly…..maybe that’s not the word, but I’m looking for easy meets awesome.  Who knows?  Maybe they have a score in there somewhere.

I’m just betting that I’ll likely find Kristen’s Easy Cheesy Vegetable Sausage Lasagna, or her Lasagna Roll Ups a simpler dream come true.  The drama!

Fall recipes with the windows open.  I can smell ’em already!



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