Delightfully Delectable!

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to find rest at A Delectable Education website, you simply must!  To date, there are only three podcasts imparting beautiful insight into a Charlotte Mason education.  However!  These three podcasts are astounding and simply the most inspiration I’ve found this year.

I’ve been blessed by the beautiful ladies who share their own hearts as they discuss how parents and children CAN enjoy this feast at home under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

From Episode 3, this CM quote will take front stage center on my fridge for quite a while.

“Let this be the mother’s key to the whole of the education of each boy and each girl; not of her children; the Divine Spirit does not work with nouns of multitude, but with each single child. Because He is infinite, the whole world is not too great a school for this indefatigable Teacher, and because He is infinite, He is able to give the whole of his infinite attention for the whole time to each one of his multitudinous pupils. We do not sufficiently rejoice in the wealth that the infinite nature of our God brings to each of us.” (Parents and Children, pg. 273) -Charlotte Mason


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