Possible, Possible, Possible!

I’ve been running into lots of negativity lately….finding it in myself and others.

“Things will never get better.”

“The economy is tanking.”

“We can’t keep up.”

“We’ll never be able to ….”

“She’ll never be able to overcome …”

“He’ll never understand how to do …”

“This is too hard.”

“I can’t do this.”

“They’re saying ‘We can’t win.'”

I’m hoping this verse will help us all move away from negative thoughts and focus on Truth.

Because he knew that God was with him, David didn’t fret over Goliath. And, God told Samuel to overlook David’s appearance and see a king!

Joshua didn’t fret over Jericho. Gideon didn’t tremble with his dwindling team of soldiers.

Esther did what she needed to do to save her people. Jeremiah, a youth, was sent to proclaim Truth and did it with God’s help and reminder that He’d be with him.

And, what about Daniel and his friends? Sleeping with lions? Surviving a fiery furnace?!?

John the Baptist, Jesus’ Disciples, the Apostle Paul, and everyone who came to Jesus for healing and deliverance all recognized that anything can be overcome with God!


Be encouraged! The day is not over! We can do whatever God has put into our circumstance, and so can our children!



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