If You are Thinking about Starting a Commonplace Book

This post, at Expanding Wisdom, is a nice introduction to the practice of keeping a commonplace book.  I believe I found it by way of Brandy’s blog, but it may have been through an Ambleside Online reference, I just can’t recall.

Howdy is beginning to work on a Commonplace Book this year. Football inspiration and courage types of quotes/verses will hopefully inspire him for years to come.  Progressing to using his CP alongside serious literature studies will be the long term goal.

Posie will begin one next year, too. I expect her’s will include water color and/or calligraphy.

I’ve kept a CP on my bedside table for years to jot down Scripture and quotes/thoughts while I read in the evening, but I tend to neglect it when we’re busy. I’m not much of a doodler, so it’s nothing fancy, not embellished, just words.

I’ve saved my favorites here.

Further research based on the Expanding Wisdom post leads to the following links.  Considerable inspiration!

Best Practices:  Commonplace Books

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Do any of you, or your children keep a Commonplace Book? If so, please share.


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