More Morisot!

The photograph of Berthe Morisot with her husband and daughter (pic #5) is almost as lovely as her impressionist paintings….it’s a blurred impression of the photography of the time.  Just lovely.  It was taken just a handful of years before my great grandmother was born.

A nice biography reminds us that Morisot was “the first female artist to exhibit with the French Impressionists,” which is exciting news for the young ladies who are studying her paintings with me each week.

I happen to like “Laundry Day” myself.  Why is it that I tend to be encouraged by those paintings that depict the mundane tasks in life?  I suppose it’s because they are so familiar, or that these tasks bring beauty into my own life.

“Woman and Child in Garden in Bougival” calls up nature study time with my children as does her exceptional “Eugene Manet and His Daughter in the Garden”.  And, “Midina at the Entrance to the Isle of Wight” makes me want to drive to Indianola RIGHT NOW!

The next six weeks will be filled with appreciation of all the beauty with which Morisot gifted us.  More Morisot!


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