Possible Movies for 2015-16

Charlton Heston Presents The Bible

Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible

Joshua at the Battle of Jericho

Joseph:  King of Dreams

The Prince of Egypt

Patterns of Evidence:  Exodus

The Exodus Revealed:  Search for the Red Sea Crossing

The Ten Commandments

The Story of Ruth

Ancient Civilizations:  The Land of the Pharaohs 

Ancient Civilizations:  Cleopatra 

Caesar and Cleopatra


Building the Great Pyramid

Discovering Egypt

Ancient Civilizations:  Athens and Ancient Greece




The Robe

Saint Peter

Peter and Paul

Three Hundred Spartans




2 thoughts on “Possible Movies for 2015-16

  1. Looks like a great list. Are all of these available or is this your wishlist? I have the problem of being able to find the movies I want without buying every single one of them, if they are even available for purchase. Love your booklists list too.

    • You can click on each one to see availability through Amazon. I do not have affiliate status, so I don’t receive any form of credit if you click through to Amazon. That would just get you to the specific title. Some are available directly from Amazon, others would be used/like new from other parties.

      I like to keep links to Amazon in case we can find it free with Prime for watching on the Roku.

      We also utilize inter-library loan quite frequently….especially for movies that don’t seem like the type we’d watch more than once.


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