Favorite Fine Arts Resource!!!

I know I’ve shared Harmony Fine Arts’ links before, but I really want to put in a good word for Barbara McCoy today. This is the first year I’ve purchased one of her resources. I’ve always relied on her wonderful freebies (especially those she shares through Sketch Tuesday and her other blog, Handbook of Nature Study (Outdoor Adventure Hour). But, we are enjoying her Modern Times Art and Music Appreciation lessons so much that I wanted to recommend them to anyone who is looking for a resource for these two areas of study.

The option to purchase printed versions is available in some cases, but I like the e-book version because it allows me to click right to paintings and music online. Voila! Instant happiness.

Just had to rave. We’ve been enjoying Monet and Debussy during this first six weeks with some friends along the way. Posie is enjoying the variety of media used in the art projects and I’m loving the relaxing music…..Debussy may edge out Joplin as my current favorite composer. Maybe not, but he’s a close second.

Here’s a link to the e-book we’re using. Grade 4 Modern Times – Harmony Fine Arts

You can follow the trail to her other titles. I wish I would’ve used the three books prior to this one. They’ve been on my list each year, but never did end up downloaded. We will continue on purchasing the consecutive levels and I may even get the previous titles to use over summers and breaks.

Extra plug. Handbook of Nature Study has a colorful post for September.





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