ASCP Update

The other day, I posted about trying to build up the courage to paint my kitchen cabinets.

That led up to an e-mail conversation with Rhonda.  I found out about her website, a while back when I visited her booth at the Laurent Street Antique Mall.    I’d been considering using ASCP for a while, but hadn’t known where to find it close by.  When I found it, I contacted Rhonda to get info. on any upcoming workshops.  With none planned soon, she suggested I purchase some sample pots and practice on scrap wood.

So….. yesterday meant a purchase of teeny post of

Duck Egg,

French Linen,


Clear Soft Wax.

I hope to paint my scrap swatches soon.  If they turn out as I expect, I will be bringing home some larger pots and happily transforming the cabinets in the bathrooms and kitchen.  I have plans to distress some furniture, too.  Too many paint plans when the garden is just about to be planted.  My dreamy painting will hold off until after it’s all in the ground and cooler weather will allow me to open up the house and hear the birds sing while I paint.


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