Science MW Order

While we no longer participate in Classical Conversations (CC), we do continue to use CC’s Classical Acts and Facts Science Cards for memory work from time to time.

This year, because Howdy will be studying Apologia Biology in a co-op setting, I thought we’d review the Biology/Geology cards.  Our order will be slightly different than CC Cycle 1 suggestions because we want to incorporate the scientist cards and a few from other sets.  This will make a total of 34 weeks’ worth of memory work instead of the usual 24 weeks that CC campuses pursue.

Our order for the year:

Carl Linnaeus (Biology 1)

James Watson and Francis Crick (Biology 15)

Five Kingdoms of Living Things (Biology 3)

The Classifications of Living Things (Biology 2)

Animal Cell (Biology 5)

Plant Cell (Biology 6)

Two Types of Cells (Biology 17)

Microscopic Organisms (Biology 18)

Biological Interactions (Ecology 33)

Gregor Mendel (Biology 4)

Invertebrates (Biology 7)

Vertebrates (Biology 8)

Animal Reproduction (Biology 9)

Seed Plants (Biology 11)

Plants (Biology 12)

Leaves (Biology 13)

Flowers (Biology 14)

Plant Systems (Biology 16)

Seedless Plants (Biology 10)

The Earth (Geology 19)

Rocks (Geology 20)

Mountain (Geology 21)

Volcano (Geology 22)

Volcano Features (Geology 23)

Ocean Floor (Geology 24)

Ocean Zones (Geology 25)

Atmosphere (Geology 26)

Great Circles Around the Earth (Geology 28)

Weather Fronts (Geology 30)

Clouds (Geology 31)

Globe (Geology 27)

Factors That Affect Weather (Geology 29)

Water (Ecology 37)

Density (Physics 55)



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