The Paragraph that Helps Me Rest…..

and, still apply Charlotte Mason methods to our days.

“The most frequently-asked question is whether there exists a full curriculum course based on the Charlotte Mason method that would carry a parent through all the subjects that Charlotte advocated in a manner that holds true to her method.  Ahhh…wouldn’t this be a dream come true?  But from Charlotte’s writings I sense that she believed a PNEU education really doesn’t boil down to on particular set of books, set of pictures, set of music tapes, etc.  It has to do with students forming relationships with these things, whether they are a part of a curriculum or not.  Somehow her ideal dwindles just a little when we confine it to a set course.”

-Karen Andreola, A Charlotte Mason Companion:  Personal Reflections on The Gentle Art of Learning

Yes, there are now sets and lists from various sources that are promoted as “THE” way to pursue a CM style education at home.  I’ve referenced and utilized a few of them.  Those that have become “go-to” resources still seem to fall short of our families goals.  Reading this paragraph brings rest to my stressed brain during planning season.  I hope it offers a break to those who find themselves feeling a bit frustrated, or anxious while mulling over the endless suggestions of how to “get it right.”


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