Book Study Idea

It has never occurred to me to do a topical book study for a year.  I don’t know.  Maybe because I’m so focussed on mapping out courses of study for the kids, I don’t make time for a specific COS for myself.  I’ve considered AO syllabi for a while, then I read an e-mail that found it’s way into my inbox.

Barbara McCoy has been an inspirational nature study encourager for quite some time.  I enjoy her thoughts and ideas on how to pursue nature study with children.  I’ve utilized some of her suggestions, but never with much consistency…..other than getting out there, observing, and bringing back treasures.  Comstock’s Handbook of Nature Study has been a faithful companion through the years, too.  But, Barbara’s e-mail shocked me into realizing that I keep nature study on our “to-do” list for a couple of reasons.

The reason that surely impresses others would be the goal to instill nature study as a habit in our children.  However, I think secretly, the real goal, wait for it…

It’s all I want to do all day, every day!  Being indoors is quite fruitful for formal studies, chores, cooking, baking, planning next year’s resource lists, and that list can go on…  But, what I crave is time out of doors!  My children love it, don’t get me wrong.  They spend just as much time outside as inside on an almost daily basis.  I tend to have to stay inside “taking care of business.”

Barbara’s book review triggered an important something in me. While I’ve read Louv’s Last Child in the Woods, I read it with regards to my children and future grandchildren.  I haven’t really allowed it to inform the use of my own time.

My time does include reading.  I tackle numerous books every year.  Mostly nonfiction.  Mostly related to education, the time period in which we find ourselves studying, the people related to the history/science topics we plan to pursue.  Fiction on occasion.  Rarely popular twaddle titles.  No.  Make that NEVER popular twaddle.  Last Child in the Woods was on my bedside table quite a while ago.  But, my reading list has never had a focus completely related to the study of nature.  Yes, it’s been a list that informs mother culture.  Yes, the books have made an impression.  It’s been rare that they’ve made a huge difference in my approach to life…other than Donna Bryant Goertz’s book (Children Who are Not Yet Peaceful,) which you MUST READ!

While you’re at it, you have to read this post!

It will inspire you to dream a little dream.

My little dream:  A nature books list for 2015-16.

My goal:  To be the Last Mom in the Woods!

Tying this to our plans for Beth Selah rounds out the whole picture of Next.


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