Posie’s Grammar Studies for the Next Few Years

Posie will complete the two grammar resources that she’s been using by the end of May.  She will be switching gears in a sense.  Over the summer, her copywork will be moving toward dictation exercises.  Journaling has been a part of her life for a while and will continue to play a part in her grammar studies.   Her oral narrations are solid.  These will take on a written format beginning in the fall.  Once each week, she will write in a notebook related to a chosen topic of study.  When this becomes a habit, the frequency of written narrations will increase, adding a subject at a time.  Once she is writing one narration per subject each week, a determination to increase the number of written narrations per subject/per week will be made.

Since Posie naturally loves to write, her grammar studies are more of a polishing opportunity than a formal instruction situation.  She loves to tell stories and discover all sorts of new ideas through research.  These written narrations, and notebooking opportunities will help develop her skills as a writer.  She’s already talking about writing a research paper…..her goal, to let others know wonderful things about God and His creation….oh, and history, and French, and geography, and especially hummingbirds.  Doodles included.

Serl’s Intermediate Language Lessons will be used mainly on a discussion basis during 4th, 5th, & 6th grades.  IEW instruction may take place through Bible/history lessons, but will be used only as part of possible co-op plans.  Essentials of the English Language, (Classical Conversations) is the resource of choice for 7th & 8th grade formal grammar instruction.


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