What I’ll Use to Create Lesson Plans for 2015-16

I plan to continue using My Student Logbooks to record daily work.  These seem to be much more practical for our family than the other things we’ve tried.  We started using them very early this year and I love the flexibility and user friendliness.


I’m not sure that I will continue with the Charlotte Mason Organizer that Simply Charlotte Mason offers for a yearly subscription.  


If something has to change, I tend to have forgotten how best to alter the CMO to get the results I want from it, making it an expensive waste right now.  I should make an effort to relearn the CMO, but I have too much on my plate and end up needing paper instructions to remind myself of how I had to tweak it the last time….and on and on it goes.  I’ll tweak it a bit over the weekend and see if it will get the ax, or continue with it until my subscription expires.  That will be in September.  I will certainly know by then if I will continue to pay for it, or decide that it’s just too expensive to remain unused.

I’m not a tech kind of mom.  Paper has worked for as long as paper has existed.  Why give up on a good thing?  Heh.  I loved the CMO at one point.  I think I didn’t have as many things on my plate, so I could focus on using it during the day.  But, I need to be able to leave the computer off and get the kids going and finished at this point.  By the time that’s over with, we’re heading into chore time, dinner prep, and our evening routine.  Not much time for CMO work.  As much as I’d love to still love it, I’m just not in love anymore.  <sigh>

I’m thinking that creating Term Charts may even get the boot.  I really only need their book and resource lists and a list of their activities.  The MSLs keep everything going throughout the year….even when I can’t be available at all times.  It’s simple, portable, reliable, and very forgiving….WHEN using a pencil.  Did I mention CHEAP!

If I do decide to create Term Charts, I will refer to Christie’s YouTube video for inspiration.  The video is part of her post found here: http://learningwithcharlotte.blogspot.com/2013/08/2013-2014-curriculum-part-two.html  I have the ProClick Binder and I’ve used it a few times with similar plans and AO/CMH charts.  It’s a handy little gadget that should be used more often.

The My Student Logbook continues to be right in line with my minimalist mood.  Options and purchasing information are found here:



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