Writing Reminder

Because we’ve used IEW in the past with great success, I’m always tempted to purchase more TBWLs. Posie really doesn’t need a curriculum to learn to write.  She’s a natural narrator, superb storyteller, and willing writer at eight years of age.  Spelling is still an issue, but her words get polished in the editing process.

Bible Heroes would be the choice if I just couldn’t pull myself away from the IEW catalog.


However!  Meanwhile!  SNAP!

I’m reading and rereading Lindfay’s “Narration/(Composition)” articles over at Charlotte Mason Help AGAIN!  Posie loves her composition books and I need to stay focussed on her, not on a curriculum.  


Lindfay finished her series of articles with “How I Raised a Professional Writer without a Composition Program.”  Posie has this type of potential already.  It shines through in the way she naturally lives life.  I need to embrace my children and their gifts instead of embracing traditional “rules” for teaching.


Didn’t I just mention yesterday that she’s already won an essay contest?!?



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