A Thought Occurs to Me

Why not go through AO myself?


7 thoughts on “A Thought Occurs to Me

  1. :0)
    Hope you’re doing well sheraz! Our plans get lined out, wander about, change, and still tend to be unbelievably fruitful year after year. I think I crave structure, but I have children who enjoy much more adventure than sticking strictly with the safety of lists allows. Their learning tends to be related to the original plans I lay out for a year, but they end up making them richer with their own research pursuits. Sigh! I think that’s why I periodically pour over the AO site (and/or versions of it) and dream of checking off boxes. Doing it for myself seems to be a way for me to “feel safe,” devour many books I’ve never read, and demonstrate self-education to my children while they go off and do it on their own because I’ve told them they are capable!

  2. I want to start in Year 0 and just start reading all the things that I haven’t read yet. There are many that I have read so it shouldn’t be hard…but there are lots that I haven’t read even if I own them, so I sort of thought that this would be a way for me to have a plan in place to move forward less randomly, if that makes sense. I know that my kids are getting a rich education but *I* have wanted a classical education since I was about 16 yo and reading a Dorothy Sayers Lord Peter book and wishing that I know as much as he did…all those off the cuff quotes really challenged me.

    I have checked off each years list from SCM, so doing it with AO is a great way to go. I would probably start like you at the first list. It’s the best way to stay on top of it all. Besides, if that is where I start reading, that is the natural list to start on. đŸ˜‰

    I am collecting books and still seriously considering a living books library. I want to refine my organization a bit…did you do Dewey or genre-type organizing? I am torn between the two. Did you put historical fiction in the fiction with special marking or did you give it a home among the subject matter? I need some advice! LOL

    BTW – I’ve missed you on the SCM forum. =)

  3. Starting from the beginning makes perfect sense to me!

    I will have to read Lord Peter…..sounds like I’d enjoy it.

    You’ll cherish having a living books library, even if it’s rarely used. There’s something about it that’s hopeful! I chose to organize somewhat by genre, but I think I have some of our historical fiction in the literature section and some in the history section as I felt rushed at one point and just wanted everything shelved.

    I am realizing that for long term use, once I have room in my budget to actually focus more on these books, I will most likely need to move toward Dewey if I want it to keep growing. The picture books and literature books have been easy enough to shelve and organize by the first three letters of the author’s last name, typical of Dewey. However, my sorting was more related to topical style learning typical of how we’ve gone through history and science and actually seems to have complicated the organization a bit. I “know” where the books are, but don’t necessarily have an EXACT spot, just a general location. SIGH. Needless to say, most of the moms who visit “get it.”

    Those who’ve used the library so far have had fun perusing the shelves. The slightly randomness of it all must remind them of online rabbit trails. Heh. “Oh, I’ve never seen this one before,” and off it goes with a happy borrower.

    My impatience (after 2 years of postponing opening) means I’ve either made a mess of it, or that it’s exactly how it needs to be for the time being…a too many irons in the fire, but happy to share situation. Actually, I still like it without a super organized Dewey system. There’s always a surprise waiting on each shelf. I only have three and a half years until I’m down to one at home. She’s a natural librarian, so I’m sure, if I have to put it off until then, she will be my enthusiastic assistant and we’ll whip it into better shape, provided the families that use it don’t decide to have work days with me. A few helped me shelve in the general locations and want to be long term users, so I can see all sorts of possible scenarios for it evolving into a serious patron’s dream.

    When I feel nervous about a living books education (especially with regards to upper level science) I go out to the library, sit, and look at the shelves. It is then that I realize that, just like beginning at AO Yr 0, anyone who started at the beginning of the first shelf and read through the books we have to offer would be better educated than many high school students and even some college grads. It’s amazing when you actually recognize the reality of this truth.

    You know, I miss you, too! On occasion, I have missed the forum. Just the other day, before we started this chit chat, I actually remembered a conversation about science that I wanted to reread. WOW! The forum has changed! When did that happen? Is it as easy to use as before? I may pop in to visit with all of you again soon.

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