Howdy’s Running List of Considerations for 2015-16


Foundations I and Journal (Foundations Press)


Algebra 1 & 2 Teaching Textbooks (finish 1, begin 2)


The Bible, plus various resources

Ancient Civilizations and the Bible, by Diana Waring

Veritas Press Timeline Cards

Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History (as reference)

Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt (as reference)

The Pharoah’s of Ancient Egypt (Landmark)

Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Greece (as reference)

Famous Men of Ancient Greece (as reference)


Whatever Happened to Justice?

Uncle Eric Talks About Personal Career and Financial Security, OR The Clipper Ship Strategy

Are You a Liberal?  Conservative or Confused?

Ancient Rome:  How It Affects You Today



maps from various resources


Apologia Biology Co-op


CC Cy1 Science MW Review

Nature Study-

Handbook of Nature Study (in depth research over three years.)

leaves, insects, wildflowers, animals, landscapes, scenery (nature notebooks) ONGOING


No French?  No Problem

Driver’s Education-

Either what we’ve used with Scooter, Bubba, and Sis

or,, which comes highly recommended by members of Tailor Made.


AAS rules review as needed, SP lists, Biology & History vocabulary, English from the Roots Up cards review


James Stobaugh’s Skills for Literary Analysis as a reference tool

ETA:  Making sure the following list is completed before graduation will mean tackling the “bests.”


Poetry- Grammar of Poetry, by Matt Whitling (This will wait until 2016-17.)

Shakespeare Jul/Dec Schedule:

I, Isaac, Take Thee, Rebekah (to go with Taming of the ShrewBrightest Heaven)

That will be more than enough for a high school sophomore while playing six man football with Cobra Athletics.

Physical Education-

Cobra Football!


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