Happy Appy Days

So far, I’ve tackled more than half of the box of apples.  Between yesterday and today, I’ve put enough freezer back apple pie filling for 7 big pies, nine 12 oz. jars of “Apple Scrap Jelly,” four pints of strawberry applesauce, and four pints of plain applesauce.

I’m hoping to make several jars of apple pie filling tomorrow.  It may never make it into pies.  We enjoy eating it over waffles, or mixed into bowls of hot oatmeal.  More than a little of it will be turned into apple cakes this winter.

Happy Appy Days!

UPDATE:  Instead of the apple pie filling, I’ve made 4 pints and one 12 oz. jar of blueberry & vanilla applesauce, an apple cobbler, and I’m getting a batch of cranberry & clove applesauce ready to be put into jars.  Hopefully, there should be enough apples left for a fresh apple pie midweek.  The house smells just like October!


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