Do We Really Want to Know Our Calling?

I’m almost finished reading Honoring God with My Life:  Issues of Sense & Sensibility, by Miriam Nadler.  While reading today, I bumped into page 145!  Yikes!  Sometimes I ponder what all God has planned for me to do in a day, week, month, year, for the rest of my life.  But, the following words gave me pause…I had to consider whether I’m willing to follow God’s call in my life in every area, or not.

“When my husband Sam was teaching the book of Jonah, he would often ask, ‘How many of you would like to know the will of God for your lives?’  Invariably, most of the hands in the congregation would go up.  Then Sam would respond, ‘It doesn’t always help to know.  As Jonah found out, knowing God’s will does not necessarily mean that you will want to follow His will.’  God had given His prophet Jonah His direct will and plan, but Jonah not only refused, he fled in the opposite direction.”

Is that what I do when I find myself “in a bind” with commitments that weigh so heavily on me and take me away from my most important ministry, my husband and children?  I know my calling, I just seem to forget it when other, seemingly “more important” ministry opportunities call out to me.

In the paragraph prior to the above quote, I think the TRAP is revealed.

“In our secular society, the prevailing perception is that being a homemaker and caring for children demeans a woman’s dignity and limits her potential.  Perhaps some of us have been swayed by society and think that there must be another way.  How could we possibly find contentment and fulfillment in this idea of being a ‘worker at home’?”

Thankfully, Mrs. Nadler prepared me for this revelation earlier in the previous chapter when she reminded me of the utmost importance of my calling.  Her modernized explanation of several verses in Proverbs 31 left me without any doubt as to the impact I have on those I love most and, assuming I fulfill my calling, on those to follow them.

“…she prepared for all kinds of weather.”

“This woman is not content with just any food but finds the best, even if she has to travel to purchase it.”

“Portions are the instructions for the day-portions of work.  She has a sense of leadership, so she rises early and sets the example.”  (NOTE TO SELF:  Planning our studies/chores and working the plan.)

“She is an entrepreneur.”

“She is prepared for colder weather and has even dyed the clothing to give it more beauty; she wants her family to look good.”

“She dresses to make herself more attractive for her husband and family.”

“…she gives her husband respect and honor at home…”

She warned me, ” Be careful to guard the reputation of your husband and not to gossip about him.”

“She is industrious and helps with the economic conditions of her family.”

“Her beauty is more than outward.  This woman of valor clothes herself in the strength and majesty of the Lord Himself.”

My goodness!  What woman wouldn’t want to do these things for her husband and family.  This role is more important than the highest paid CEO of any Fortune 500 company.  The position is, in fact, CEO of The Fortune 1 Company!

If any woman has any doubt about her importance as Keeper of the Home, she should read Honoring God with My Life.  The reminder of the absolute necessity for her to fill this position in her family will become clear and will shock her into contentment.  She will be blessed to accept this most important job!

Sense & Sensibility: Honori...


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