Possible Movies for 2014-15

To be crossed off after watching during the year.  There are many more movies on this list than we will be able to watch in a year’s time…..

Tale of Two Cities  (on our shelves.)

Amazing Grace  (On our shelves.)

War and Peace  (on our shelves)

Beethoven Lives Upstairs  VPL call number MOVIE BEETHOVE 1992

Captain Horatio Hornblower  (on our shelves)

The White Angel  (UNABLE TO FIND)

Song of Love (on our shelves)

Anna and the King of Siam   7/8- Just found this movie at the Corner Store for $3.99!  Yeah!


Stanley and Livingstone wonderful!

The Birth of a Nation   VPL call number  MOVIE BIRTHNAT 1915  (on our shelves)

Jane Eyre (skipping this year)

Red Badge of Courage  VPL call number MOVIE REDBADGE 1951

Zulu Dawn (doubtful we’ll watch this one)

The Life of Emile Zola  VPL call number MOVIE LIFEOFEM 1937 (found on Amazon Prime)  (Excellent, by the way!)

Story of Louis Pasteur (Haven’t been able to find.)

Magnificent Rebel (Amazon Prime)  Not viewing this one.

Tennessee Johnson  Not viewing this one.

Around the World in Eighty Days (Amazon Prime)  Not viewing this one.

The Wind and the Lion

Ann of Green Gables   VPL call number  TV ANNEOFGR 1985

Anne of Green Gables, the sequel   VPL call number   TV ANNEOFGR 1987

Fiddler on the Roof    (Own this one, of course!  Best musical of all time!)

Nurse Edith Cavell (Own this one)  Excellent.  Some parts difficult to hear.

Sergeant York (Own this one)

Lawrence of Arabia   VPL call number for movie   MOVIE LAWRENCE 1962   Not viewing this one.

VPL call number for PBS documentary   B LAW

Blood and Oil:  The Middle East in World War I    (Plan to use ILL for this documentary.)

Chariots of Fire  A Favorite!

Shadowlands  (Plan to use ILL for this movie.)

Young Tom Edison

San Francisco (Unable to find.)

The Longest Day   VPL call number   MOVIE LONGESTD

Wing and a Prayer    (I think this is going to be difficult to locate, so likely won’t be seen.)

The Inn of the Sixth Happiness   VPL call number MOVIE INNOFTHE 1958

The Hiding Place   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhVC9q_ZlDs&list=PLC7CC4037867A4B1B  POWERFUL!!!

Heaven Knows Mr. Allison  (Decided not to watch this one.)

Wackiest Ship in the Army   VPL call number    MOVIE WACKIEST 1960  Silly!

The Enemy Below  (Possibly ILL.)

The Glenn Miller Story   (ILL)  Enjoyed by all!

Pork Chop Hill   (ILL)

Operation Dumbo Drop   (ILL)

We Were Soldiers (Not sure about whether this will be viewed, or not.)


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