Going to Borrow an Idea

Just read the W&M blog this morning and found that I can tweak her “Morning Basket” suggestions a bit to suit us for this year.  I don’t know if I will be able to create such sweet looking charts, but I like being able to see how she keeps lessons short, varies them, and can accomplish much with simplicity.


I’ve read previous posts on “Morning Baskets,” but this one gave me a fresh perspective on how I can learn from what her family has done and plans to do.

I hope to add more to this post over the next two weeks as I finalize all of our plans.  Though I thought we’d begin our studies this month, it’s more likely that we will need to begin more toward the end of the month, or in August (due to another round of PT.)

I’m not fretting over this, just thankful that more of the plan is falling into place.  Looking forward to our own basketful of morning joy.


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