Additional Spelling Lists

While All About Spelling is certainly working, Howdy and Posie want to add lists (like their friends have to tackle at school.)  So, I’ve enlisted the help of our trusty copy of Essentials of the English Language, by Leigh Bortins.  In the back of the huge volume, there are 66 weeks worth of lists.  These lists include minimal spelling rules and homophone practice.  The lists are originally from Susan Anthony’s Spelling Plus:  1000 Words toward Spelling Success. 

For those who’ve ever considered purchasing EEL, I have two words…DO IT!  If you are not planning on joining a Classical Conversations Community, you will need to purchase a used copy, but it’s worth every penny!  Our copy was purchased new back when I directed and tutored a small community in our home.  We’ve used this resource in various ways for four years now!  I know it will be used in the future as well.  This is one book that won’t leave the library!

Twenty-two weeks worth of lists are now printed and ready to study.  The first several lists will be easy, so more than one will be checked off each week for a while.  As they slow down and need to take a week to learn the lists, I will remind them that in 66 weeks, or less, they will have possibly learned 990 words!  Both are highly motivated right now!  This is the perfect time to take on this beneficial pursuit!

Bortins commented on struggling spellers just before sharing the lists in the back of EEL.  “For these students, the spelling teacher’s primary task is to teach the 1000 most commonly used words in English and be happy if they get all 1000 mastered by high school.”  Having these under their belts soon will surely make a difference in their writing assignment efficiency.  The easier it is for them to spell, the quicker they can get their thoughts down on paper.

Ah!  The light at the end of the spelling tunnel!

More on our spelling pursuits soon!  HINT:  English from the Roots Up, by Joegil Lundquist

Essentials of the English Language - 4th Edition   Spelling Plus:  1000 Words ...        English from the Roots Up F...


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