Almost Finished

We’re almost finished with this year’s plans.

Our plans for the next while (as soon as we finish up the current plan):  Howdy (14) and Posie (almost 8)

Time Period:  Napoleon to Korea (History Revealed WWW,) and Vietnam (Politically Incorrect Guide,) picture books tied to the time period.

  PIG to Vietnam War

Scripture & Bible Study:  We are using Scripture Box for memory work.  After we complete GOAL, we will begin Foundations 1.

GOAL Bible Study Journal    Foundations 1

Literature:  TBD

Poetry:  Need to finalize poets.  Poetry writing assignments.   Poetry appreciation.

Picture and Music Studies:  These will coincide with the time period.  We will study more samples than we’ve done this year; resourced in planned WWW assignments.

Handicrafts and Art:  welding, crochet.  Beginning Watercolor Journaling

Beginning Watercolor Journaling

Hymn Study:  SCM Groups 3 & 9

Shakespeare:  none

Personal Development (HABITS):  Truthfulness, Thoroughness, Peacefulness

Additional Reading:  TBD

Government/Economics:  Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?, Whatever Happened to Justice?

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?     Whatever Happened to Justice?

Foreign Lanugage:  French.  Mission Monde

Math:  complete TT Pre-A, then TT Algebra I, plus Life of Fred.  Rod & Staff 3, plus Life of Fred


Science:  Still writing this out.  Comstock’s guide, comparison of geocentrism and heliocentrism.  Nature study, CLP readers.

The Handbook of Nature Study   Product Details

Language Arts:  All About Spelling, EssentialsAll About Spelling, finish Serl’s and Queen’s.

All About Spelling Level 2 Teacher’s Manual & Student Material Packet SetAll About Spelling Level 3 Teacher’s Manual & Student Material Packet SetAll About Spelling Level 4 Teacher’s Manual & Student Material Packet SetEssentials of the English Language - 4th EditionPrimary Language Lessons 


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