Math and Notebooking?

Since we’ve been on a Life of Fred kick at our house for the last little while, I realized that one of the reasons it’s making sense for Howdy is because it’s quite similar to stories he’s written.  The humor is the same.  It’s all over the place with incidental curiosities, much like Howdy’s conversations.

The a-ha moment!  The addition of mathematics writing assignments!  GROAN!  No, really!  He enjoys writing…..well, telling more than writing, but it’s his way of processing.  So, I’ve poked around the internet just a bit this evening and ran across mathematics notebooking/journaling.  MAKES SO MUCH SENSE WITH HIS GIFTS IN MIND!

I’m saving this link and plan to add more to it as we plan his next year’s list of studies.

He has three year’s experience with IEW methods.  This will play a major role in his success with math journaling.  Encouraging him to create more mathematics stories for kids who enjoy this style of learning will prompt him to go farther, faster!  (At least, that’s what this mom hopes.)


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