CM Blog Carnival Schedule

I’ll admit, I haven’t kept up with the Carnival very well.  However, the upcoming topics sound exciting.  Therefore, I hope to follow it more closely for the rest of this year.

Whether, or not Ill contribute to the discussion, remains to be seen.  I’ve never even cracked open my copy of Volume 3!  It’s sad for me to admit it.  I’ve mainly focused on Volumes 4 and 6.  The CM Blog Carnival is a manageable way to tackle reading the voluminous writings of Charlotte Mason.  It’s my goal to keep up with it from now on.

For those who don’t own their own copies, reading along is easy when you head over to  If Charlotte’s words seem a bit intimidating, a modern English paraphrase is found at

The schedule at Fisher Academy International links directly to the exact pages for each reading (Original version of the text.)  I’m thankful for Amy’s ambitious organizational skills.  Her willingness to keep this carnival up and running is a happy blessing.


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