Posting Posie’s Plan


Reading-1,000 Good Books List (beginning and easy readers, followed by SCM’s Group 1 Literature List, or chosen Lamplighter titles)

Spelling-AAS, plus Spelling Wisdom 1 when she’s ready (it may be another year before this is added)

Grammar-copywork, narration, Queen’s and Serl’s will continue to be on the lineup until the current levels are completed.

Math- Rod & Staff 3

Good Citizenship-Bible Study, church participation, children’s music ministry (bell choir & flutophone,) chores, park day cooperation



Creating a Masterpiece


French (Mission ABC followed by Mission Monde)

Composer’s and Music to be coordinated with Howdy’s WWW studies.

Poetry-TBD (this will be recitation, most likely from Favorite Poems Old and New)

History-listen to audio lessons with Howdy’s WWW studies.

Science-TBD (living books list)

Nature Study- continue nature journal


Links that may be helpful during the year:




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