Favorite Writing Instruction Resources

Over the years, we’ve used all sorts of resources for writing instruction.  By far, I find Charlotte Mason and Ruth Beechick to be the most practical.  (Beechick’s are very similar to, and likely based upon Mason’s.)  Simple, straight forward, and sound, the basic foundational starting points get kids off and writing.

My favorite CM/Beechick resources:



The Three R’s  http://www.rainbowresource.com/product/sku/000846/e473819edfb898ea9cb97442

You Can Teach Your Child Successfully  http://www.rainbowresource.com/product/sku/000852/e473819edfb898ea9cb97442

AO Language Arts suggestions:  http://www.amblesideonline.org/LanguageArts.shtml

When our eldest three children were getting close to high school, panic mounted in my mind.  How was I going to teach them to write complicated research papers, longer creative stories, or even critiques?  At the time, I didn’t realize that I could just trust the above suggestions and keep building vocabulary, perseverance, and endurance.  So, I enlisted an excellent curriculum to help me teach these things.

Enter IEW!  We began with their Advanced Communications resources.  WOW!  Amazing stuff!  Then, during our year of Classical Conversations adventures, our youngest son was also introduced to IEW with volume 1 of the American History Theme Based Writing Lessons.  Last year we utilized the lessons in the Medieval TBWL’s.  Finally, our co-op class this year is studying Texas history and I am designing the writing assignments based on IEW methods.  The writers are learning to use all the various dress-ups, decorations, and sentence openers to make a portfolio of Texas history themed essays.

Our favorite IEW resources:

TWSS Seminar  http://www.iew.com/shop/products/teaching-writing-structure-style-dvd-seminar

Advanced Communication Series  http://www.iew.com/shop/products/advanced-communication-series

Needed for use with IEW TBWLs:


TBWLs we’ve used:

American History vol. 1 TBWLs  http://www.iew.com/shop/products/us-history-based-writing-lessons-vol-1-explorers%E2%80%93gold-rush-student-book-only  purchase the teacher’s guide, too.

Medieval TBWLs  http://www.iew.com/shop/products/medieval-history-based-writing-lessons-teacherstudent-combo-clearance

Extremely helpful resources for home, or co-op use:



While these are awesome resources for teaching writing to one, or more students, it’s doubtful I’ll use any of the TBWLs with Posie.  By the time she is writing on a daily assigned basis, I will have several years worth of teaching writing under my belt.  I will most likely tailor her writing instruction to reflect the suggestions found on the Charlotte Mason Help website.  With the IEW resources in our library, I can pull “assignments” out if they are ever needed.  But, it’s looking more and more like she will be a Charlotte Mason, composition book filling kind of writer.  It just comes naturally to her…..and, of course, it helps that I’m no longer stressed over how to teach the natural progression of writing.


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