Change in Plans

I had to cancel co-op yesterday.  I didn’t really understand why God allowed things to sidetrack the calendar in such a way.  But, even before the day was over, I recognized that He had other things He needed/wanted to do with our family instead.  It was just a day.  In the beginning, I felt like I was failing.  In the end, I felt like a listener.  There is a huge difference between failure to fulfill an obligation and prioritizing obligations.  Sometimes being sidetracked is a part of His plan to help us discern the difference.

What was accomplished?


Business obligations that had been postponed suddenly received the attention they deserve.


School work was completed….not quite caught up, but an industrious effort was displayed and we are getting things back in gear.


The co-op assignment was sent out before the end of the day for those who decide to use it.  This means the co-op schedule is still on track.


I actually had time to prepare myself to accept whatever the MRI discovers.  This afternoon will involve the noise of progress as I sit in the upright detective.  I’m hoping it shows I’ve been miraculously healed overnight.  But, should it show something else, I know it will all work out for God’s glory.  I will have more people with whom to share Good News.  I will have more opportunities to learn ways to restore this temple.  And, I will have more time to listen to God’s plans instead of swirling around in my own.

I’m a bit too Martha at times, which is a “good thing.”  However, these chances to be like Mary, even when they must be forced upon me, are a blessing.  I didn’t realize when I committed my plans by rolling them over onto God’s back that things would be so much easier and would establish more order in even a single day.  Thank You , God.  Your way is much better than my own.


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