Plenty of Pumpkin

We spent all afternoon and evening putting up pumpkin.  How I wish we’d been able to weigh it.  It looked like a pumpkin grown for a giant!  The seeds are huge!  They’ll be saved for planting….unless I roast them…..nope, saving seems to be a better idea.  I put 35 cups of pumpkin into the freezer.  I put four cups of pureed pumpkin into gallon freezer bags (one bag had only three cups in it.)  Two cups of pumpkin makes a pumpkin pie.  With enough for two pies per bag, I’m guessing we’ll be eating several this year!  Oh, yum!

I found this link helpful.  It gave me the courage to actually tackle this project.  Based on the information, I decided to believe I couldn’t mess it up too much.

The chickens feasted on peels and some of the stringy “guts.”  Howdy and Posie helped quite a while with the project, but then it was basically down to waiting for it all to bake.  I had pans and pans waiting in assembly line fashion.  One after the other, they had their turn in the oven.  It became a pumpkin sauna.

I think I’ll use this recipe to make the first pies for Biology Man and the kids.

For a GAPS legal alternative, I found this recipe at The Well Fed Homestead.

To change things up, I’m planning on trying a pumpkin soup recipe at some point.

Though I haven’t tried coconut flour, I’ve decided now is the time.  Here’s the recipe I’m going to test.  I chose it due to it’s low oxalate content.  So many recipes designed for GAPS foodies are nut flour based.  I’m trying to avoid “going nuts.”  Limiting nut flours to rare occasions is one of my priorities at this point.

NOTE:  Here’s a great link concerning oxalates.

Praying I’ll have time to make these for Biology Man’s birthday.  This year, it will coincide with our second butchering.  He loves cheesecake, so this will be a treat!

Thank You, God, for this pumpkin.  Bless Doc for sharing it with us!


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