Math Warm Ups

One thing that’s working well this year is the math warm up time the kids complete prior to their daily assignment.  It’s not a long drawn out process.  It’s not expensive.  It’s just a quick, fun way to warm up for independent math.

The secret?

Signing up was easy.  We just used a first initial instead of names.  Keeping the password is important for completing the quiz for the first time.  After that, the site recognizes the computer.  This makes it easy for our two youngest to sign on independently.  I set up the student activities for each of them.  Howdy needed a quick review of multiplication and division facts for a short couple of weeks, so I had him start at the multiplication level.  Beginning Posie at the beginning was the way to go.  She quickly marked off mastered addition facts and set new records in timed progress.

While I knew Howdy could easily access his activities, I didn’t realize that it would be so easy for Posie to do.  She types “x” in the browser, clicks on the site, and clicks on her initial.  That’s it!  She’s off and making mathematical strides on a daily basis.  No more flash cards at our house!



One thought on “Math Warm Ups

  1. I really need to check out xtramath! I have heard the name a lot and never made time to check it out. You’ve just given me the push I needed to look. Thanks for linking up!

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