Review: Charlotte Mason Organizer

Last week, only a day after actually having internet service at home, I began a 30-day trial of the Charlotte Mason Organizer.  It is amazing to be able to “see” progress on a daily basis.  I’ve known all along that we tackle an enormous amount of study, but seeing it on paper allows me to shut down the nagging worry that it might not be “enough.”

Howdy thrives on having a daily to-do list.  I print it out from the CMO and he gets to work right away.  He gathers those books and things he will use for the day, we order them in such a way that he uses a different part of the brain throughout the morning.  Then, he’s off and running without complaint!  Checking each assignment off as it is completed causes him to realize that he can take charge of how long his study time must last.  When he’s finished, he has plenty of time to pursue his own interests.

Posie enjoys her checklist, too.  Though she has a condensed list, the amount of learning she tackles each day is astounding!  She enjoys knowing how much is required and helps choose the order in which she will complete most subjects.  As each subject is completed, she knows to put those books and things away before moving on to the next thing on her list.  This offers her a way to stay organized, and our home is nice and neat when study time is over.

There is no question!  I will subscribe to the CMO!


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